About Dan

Dan Musselman: Keyboardist, Composer, Music Director

IMG_9031-2Dan Musselman is passionate about making music.  He is motivated and fascinated by how music can impact the way people feel: immersed in a concert experience, creating suspense or joy through film-scoring, or expressing themselves in worship.

Dan grew up in Jefferson City, MO and started studying classical piano at the age of 5.  He went on to attend McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in Music Composition.

Dan loves to make music that simultaneously appeals to the musical novice and connoisseur.  He enjoys opportunities where he can tailor music to fit the situation, where problem-solving and creativity intersect.  He has a particular appreciation for jazz, contemporary Christian music, and anything with synths, but he strongly feels that all kinds of music has the ability to inspire and impact people.

Dan has composed or arranged music for organizations and artists such as Best Buy, the University of Minnesota, Kat Perkins, Cantus, and United Health Group. He has led his own ensembles at several establishments in the Twin Cities, including the Artists’ Quarter (now Vieux Carré) and the Dakota Jazz Club.  Dan has also performed with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, John Moulder, Cory Wong, GB Leighton, and many others.

Dan is a full-time faculty member at McNally Smith College of Music. In 2013 Dan released Devotion, a jazz album inspired by books of the Bible. In 2014, he released A Modern Christmas, an electronic/jazz/pop inspired album, consisting of “recompositions” of sacred Christmas hymns.  His music has been heard over one half-million times through online radio and other platforms. Additionally, Dan has published five textbooks, Ear Training For the Modern Musician, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Learn How Music Works, Books 1 and 2.  Dan is a co-founder of two music education companies, American Pop Academy and Corridor Music and is also a music director for River Valley Church.

When not playing or composing, you can find Dan hitting the gym, checking out new restaurants, playing frisbee golf, or watching old seasons of Lost with his wife, Sam.