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Corridor is now available!

For the last several months, I’ve been working with a small team to build a music education website, and now it is available to the public!  I couldn’t be any more excited about how it turned out, and I really think musicians will enjoy using this to increase their musical […]

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Noel is now available!

  Noel, my new solo piano Christmas album is now available!  I’d love for you to purchase it here. Thank you so much for your support, and I hope that you love this music! Here are my favorite three tracks from the album:  Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Still, Still, […]

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Hillsong – Let There Be Light, solo piano arrangements

I couldn’t be any more excited to share these with you! I arranged and performed each song from Hillsong’s new album, Let There Be Light. Check them out here:

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Music Director and Arranger for Kat Perkins’ Christmas

I’m excited to announce that I’m the music director and arranger for this upcoming Kat Perkins’ Christmas tour. Read more information about the tour and the upcoming album here.

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Jackpot Celebration – Composition and Sound Design

I was hired through Fusion Media North to do an original composition along with sound design for a jackpot video for Alpha Innovation.  Check it out here: