River Valley and a story of God’s faithfulness


I couldn’t be any more excited about this newest piano cover playlist. These are all songs from my home church, River Valley. I’ve been at River Valley Church since 2014, and it has been absolutely life-changing. I’ve grown so much spiritually and made lifelong friendships. Never before had I met a community of people who so passionately love Jesus and authentically live out their faith. It is inspiring to say the least.

River Valley Worship has released its newest album, Million Lifetimes, and I believe there is something special here. I could go on and on about how powerful and creative the music is, but I’d rather you just listen and experience it yourself!


I’d also like to share a story with you about God’s faithfulness. Back in November of 2017, my wife and I bought a fixer-upper house that we wanted to remodel. It was an incredible opportunity that God provided to create a home that would last us for many years. We hired a contractor and started demo in early December.

We also were gearing up for a mission trip to Russia to work with an incredible organization that is dedicated to helping orphans.

And then, on Dec 14, 2017, I received notice that the college where I had been teaching full-time for 8 years was unexpectedly closing its doors and unable to make its last payroll commitment. What a shock!

The story of the closing of the school is an entirely other powerful story of how it created so many opportunities to share the love of Jesus with everyone affected and how it bonded together a wonderful group of people.

But to keep this a personal story, my wife and I had just committed a significant amount of money into a home remodel and a mission trip, and without warning, I was suddenly left without a job.

As I continually learn, however, nothing catches God by surprise. At the beginning of December, just a few days before the school shutdown, my YouTube channel of all solo piano Christian covers started gaining steam.

I had been posting 200 videos for about two years and had been seeing steady, gradual growth. And then suddenly, there was a sizeable uptick. And then an explosion! The arrow on this graph shows the day that I lost my job:

Youtube graph


Nothing catches God by surprise. He was already orchestrating the next season of my life, before I even knew I needed it.

I had felt called to teach at my college. It was more than a job. It was a mission and a calling. I loved the people there and even started a worship ensemble and Bible study that was gaining traction.

After the school shut down, I was left with the question, now what? What was God calling me into next (and how would I find new employment?)

God already answered the question before I even asked. It is such an honor and wonderful responsibility to have a group of people listening to this music as they have devotional time with God or seek solace while they work.

I’ve had several teachers write me to say that they play my piano arrangements in their classroom. What a joy to subtly minister to people all over world!

The income from this YouTube channel doesn’t match the employment what was at the college. But, it is steadily (or perhaps even rapidly) on its way. Furthermore, we’ve had several people be extraordinarily generous to us, in addition to God providing freelance opportunities.

Regardless of the financial situation, I know that God will provide.

Matthew 6:26
Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?

Thank you so much for being a part of supporting me as I create this music. What an amazing story of God’s goodness and his love!

My prayer is that this music is a blessing to you as you go about your day. Keep God at the center of all that you do. Spend time with Him and love Him with all your heart, soul and mind.

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