Music Licensing

I'm absolutely honored that you would like to incorporate my music in your project! I have a number of recordings that are available for instant licensing in our store. Please read on for more information. 

When purchasing Music Licensing audio downloads, you are purchasing the right to incorporate the audio file in video, live stream, live event, or other media projects. You may post these media projects to your own website or on a hosted platform such as YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. 

You do not have the right to rent, give, or lend downloaded products to third parties. You also do not have the right to incorporate or sample the music as a part of a new musical composition, arrangement or recording and upload to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or any other Digital Streaming Platform.

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Licensing Details 

Here is some helpful information as you shop my licensing products:

  • There are two copyrights in every recorded song. There is:
    • a copyright for the recorded music and
    • a copyright for the song composition. 
  • This means that licensing is handled differently for my original music and for worship covers

Original Music

If you're interested in licensing my original music for your project, this is a fairly easy process! Since I am the composer and recording artist, I control both the copyright of the recording and the composition and am able to grant permission to use these songs. 

I've included the songs and playlists that are available for you to license directly from me right in my store. Purchasing a license provides both my permission to use my music in your media or broadcast and the mp3 music files. 

You shouldn't have any problems with Facebook, YouTube, or any other video streaming platform. If you have questions regarding live streaming cover songs, please visit the CCLI website.

I do not require any additional agreement or information at this time. I just ask that you be kind, ethical, prayerful, and loving in the content in which you place my music. I'll be adding to this catalogue regularly, so be sure to check back for future projects!

Worship Covers

Licensing worship covers is a different process.  When I make a recording of a song originally published by another group, such as Hillsong or Elevation:

  • I control the copyright of the recorded music that I have personally created.
  • However, the song composition copyright itself still belongs to the original artist.

In order for a song to be included in any type of broadcast or product, the interested party must receive approval from both copyright holders -- both the recording artist (me) and the original songwriter. 

For this reason, I am only able to give permission for you to use my recordings of worship covers when you have first received permission from the songwriters.

If you're interested in going though that process, reaching out to Capitol CMG or Essential Music Publishing is most likely the first step, as they are the publishers and representatives of many of the leading Christian songwriters. This is sometimes can be a lengthy process, but the people working at Capitol CMG and Essential Music Publishing are fantastic. 

Once you have obtained permission from the original songwriter, please use the contact page to reach out to my team and we will work on coordinating a license from there.  

Hopefully this clears up any questions you might have! Please see the recordings available for instant licensing in our store and feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions. 

God bless!

 - Dan